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hello. welcome to assignment 7. today on our program. >> don't get ripped off. i'm michael finney. ahead, i'll show you how to sell your gold for top dollar. >> also the drive to discover a new camera that will change the way you take photographs. plus.... >> i think it's good to encourage older people to get out and do stuff. >> they introduce us to a 76-year-old skateboarder with a
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can do attitude. with the price of gold skyrocketing it's tempting to sell pieces in your you'll ri box but how do you get the best price? >> the gold business is booming. byers and sellers and coins and jewelers. how do you get the most money. we asked three gold dealers to check our jewelry and to give us a price. specific precious metals was our standard. they check for quantity and quality and offered $371. >> then our intern went undercover. >> i first went to collectibles and coins in mill valley. >> the gave them the story and e spent a lot of time. he priced it about $371. then we took to a store in san mateo. she said it was 171.
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>> so there is no standard that anyone follows as far as what you have to pay somebody. right? everybody can make up their own price. >> dan of mill valley of precious metals this is not a case of buyer beware but but beware. >> most people really don't know how to calculate how much gold they have. >> how do there is there is a form la to all this. weight times purity times spot times percentage equals price. weight is measured in troy ounces, purity in karats and percentage is how much of the going rate the dealer will pay. to get a ballpark figure get out a kitchen scale, a cheap one is fine and weigh your jewelry in grams. there are 31 grams to a
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these are about half a troy ounce. now look for the sample on the jewelry. 24 carats is nearly 100 gold making 14 karat about these 15%. so this equals..29 and then multi by the spot rate you get $470. shoot for a percentage of 80% leaving 20% for profit and handling and the ballpark price for this jewelry is $375, very close to the 371 offered by two as for west coast gold by others. we asked why the the difference. not knowing the exact details of the transaction, it is difficult to give you an exact answer. one possible reason is the buyer in the store did not evaluate
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properly. we always offer a fair price and back it up with a 110% price match guarantee. >> you really do need to find out the value of the gold, how much you have and how much it's. had i not known was $371 i might have sold it for $171. >> take a few minutes to weigh it and do the math. we have all of this information posted on our website right now at you may be asking yourself, why did all three offers end with $71? there are two explanations, one all three were using similar math formulas and two, it's just coincidence. jeists have bean warning the amount of oxygen is in the ocean is dropping. it's a serious problem that could tlchbt many animals.
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dan ashley reports. >> this is exotic world of the oxygen minimum zone about half a mile deep. the video was shot by the monterey bay aquarium research institute. these animals are especially adapted to live in this habitat. over the last 20 years, that oxygen level has been getting lower. >> everything in the ocean needs to breathe oxygen just like we breathe oxygen in the air. in oxygen goes down, things suffer or die in extreme c willm >> william of stanford university says klit change is definitely happening underwater and many scientists believe it is linked to what is happening above the surface. >> it appears the rate of change is increasing. it's getting more serious as time goes by. >> so scientists and engineers are working together to try to measure the effect of the
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declining oxygen. they are using a remote control vehicle about the size of a vox wal gonl bus. it's guided by the scientists. >> the scientists will sit there let's get that one. >> by just looking at manages thousands of feet deep. this is barrel eye, the holes above eighth mouth is for breathing. the eyes are big green balls behind a transparent shield. the eyes rotate handling go in creatures. >> it keeps the eyes on the food plucks the food from the ten that kals. >> and for the past four years, the team has been developing an instrument to find out how deep sea animals are responding to lower oxygen levels. >> just came back from a week at
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sea. >> they steer the instrument to go into individual chambers. they can live comfortly bli for a day or two while they measure oxygen intake. deep compression happens when they bring them to the surface. it's too early for definitive results but low oxygen is forcing some creature tours find new habitats and their systems are stressed. >> you can certainly see the impact of the declining oxygen on the physiological state of the animals. whether we continue our cheryl jennings takes you on a ride on south korea's high speed rail to see if the effort to build compares to what is happening here. and mother excitement.
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welcome back.
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abc7's cheryl jennings visited south korea and took a ride on high speed rail. it will change travel and business in south korea. >> you're looking at ktx the high speed train express in sshg have south korea with two rail lines that connect two of the biggest cities. >> it takes me less than three hours. >> i started at seoul station, one of busiest transit stations in the world. it's a place where americans hope to sell koreans on chevys. travelers can pay for tickets by cellphone with an app. >> you can choose your destination and starting time and departure.
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>> check out first class complete with food and beverage service with a ride to seoul to the headquarters to the company that makes the ktx. >> we're leaving town and i have to say it's very quiet, very comfortable and it's going to be going very fast. a train designed to go 220 miles an hour but the maximum speed is at 190. the landscape is just flying by. ridership is only 72,000 passengers when it first started running. that according total director for ko-rail. >> now, we have 140,000 passengers per day. >> it took nearly 40 years. >> it took a long time. >> we estimated five billion dollars for the whole project but it turned out to be 20
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billion dollars. >> construction work and one year for the test operations. >> it created a lot of job opportunities in korea and sparked the korean economy a lot. >> there is lot to smile about now. the kts has carried 26 million passengers since seven years ago and dramatically improved their economy. a new kind of camera can change the focus of your picture and you can change it can changs after you take the photo. richard hart has drive to discover report. >> imagine refocus ago picture years after you took it, a wanted something in focus, just touch it with a new kind of picture called a light field image taken with a new kind of camera. the camera is simple to use. the only buttons are one to turn it on and one to snap a picture.
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the rest is controlled with a touch screen. flipping, deleting a star to the good ones. it has an honest good zoom that responds to a simple touch. it's developer is litro, the employees here it's not business it's personal. >> i don't have to focus to take a shot i'm able to quickly capture my daughter. >> the secret is software that calculates distance. >> why didn't think they think of this before. they did, it required a super computer. today the computer is in here. >> aalong with a sophisticated lens and chip to recorded image. every point in every scene sends outs a million rays of lighted. conventional records them on a single ray. that is called focus. a light field camera overlays
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the image with a million lenses each capturing a different focus. a computer corrects for aberrations. you don't need special software to refocus. embeded is a picture is a player that travels with it. the images are better than ten and a half mega pixels. they are accepting orders on line but deliveries won't begin for another few months. in marin county there is an ongoing problem with geese. for years one woman has fed and cared for them. as wayne freedman reports, her self-assigned job has become a lot more difficult. >> come on. come on little girl. >> for those of us believe in modern fairytales. here is one in larkspur that has played out for two candidates.
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they are better known around these parts as mother goose. >> look at the eyes and they are coming over knowing their names, running right over. >> she feeds the geese and the geese keep her young at heart. even at 76 years old. >> sometimes they need help. >> it's still far from perfect because when a goose gets sick she needs to take care of it. she would take hundred yards to a little hospital. but it's gone now. this was aiv year two years ago before all of her problems s today. >> from this point here. >> nothing left. just the remnants of a
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foundation after the owner kicked her off the property. >> he said he was going to burn the whole place down. if they are not out by 15th of december she would move it. >> so she to take to take care of these the oldest and sickest geese drive two hours every day on windy roads. that is not easy for a 76-year-old woman. >> if you can't find a solution? >> i don't know. i just don't know what to do. keep looking. >> ideally she would like to find ato place close to the cre. no happy ending here not for the geese and not nor for the gentle woman who mothers them. >> that is the only thing that keeps me going now. up next, carolyn johnson travels to west africa.
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the women of sierra leone stand the women of sierra leone stand up to a ritual that leaves i m a a @merican. i am an amer mniecan.y i am an americ. .am an errican.
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i am an ameran!o. rñamy aamt7icran. d aana american. i l i a @m anme1rin.m] rh..ñu ;ñ eiv...r0 i... ;] ""am,3.÷ .anfmeacaren. ñk i am an american. zei am an ericané& i admmericae )oi aam0erica. voi: : am0 an erericaá voe: i axm an ameran (oi aan americaun
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women and girls face immense challenges in west africa. less than third of them are literate and they are subject to genital mutilation. but things are changing. carolyn johnson traveled to sierra leone. >> these are the faces of the future, boys and girls excited to learn but continuing their education into their teenage years will be a challenge, especially for girls in rural areas. that initiation into a secret society prepares girls for marriage and includes the controversial practice female genital mutilation. a right all that can lead to
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horrendous complications including death. >> they recently succeeded in stopping the initiation of her 9-year-old niece. >> the initiation is now outlawed for girls under 18. it's supported by aid group world vision are working to spread that message starting with the women that perform the ritual. >> one of the people in this
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village a woman is in jeopardy with the new policy but she now supports it. ventu is her sister. >> because she is educated. so we are in agreement with the policy and we are happy for that. >> posters like this one that is hung on village walls reminds everyone of the law. she hopes that stopping it will help stop early marriage. at age 14, betty was upset that her family agreed to marry her off to a man in his 30s in a a neighboring village. >> world vision community volunteer focused on child protection. she is getting the word out about the child rights act the same legislation that prohibits the initiation of girls under 18
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and also outlaws early marriage. >> it would be prosecuted by law. >> now that the marriage is off, betty hopes to finish her education. it's very differe story for stor another woman. she married young and gave birth at 16. she endured a prolonged labor and lost a baby and suffered an injury known as. >> eighth problem all too here cau here caused by severe tearing during delivery. >> she realizes after she has had the baby. >> a new campaign was fluawlgd sierra leone can dial five, five five from her cellphone can be brought to a shelter where she will receive care free of charge. >> five years of suffering is now over. she is excited to head home
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where she will no longer be ostracized. >> of course preventing it in the first place is a primary goal. teenagers are more susceptible and female genital mutilation butributes to the with education comes home. the possibility of a future without early marriage. carolyn johnson, "abc 7 news." >> change comes with support. we have launched a million challenge with partners like world vision. the goal is to connect millions here with millions of moms in developing world. for more information go to our website at still ahead, it's something you don't see everyday. a 76-year-old skateboarder and the philosophy that inspires him to just do it.
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this stloor make you get off the couch no matter what you age. when you think about it an inspirational story of a man on a board. >> he spent months running shelter publications but when he gets free time, he is out skateboarding. >> i started skating when i was 65. that was the first time. i screwed up my wrist. >> you don't see many 76-year-olds on skateboards. >> when you are older and trying to learn a small sported that involves coordination think it'r your brain and good for your body with the challenge. >> he has a use it or lose it
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philosophy. >> i don't use it because i'm afraid of losing it, i use it because it's fun. >> he spent 40 years in bolinas surfing or running. >> my wife thinks this i'm crazy. she is cool with it. >> well i try not to worry. he is a risk taker. he always got to be doing something exciting. >> lloyd knows his limits. >> when i get going so fast, i got to get off. >> he is skating with kids a quarter of his age. >> they love it. some kids on sunday when we were out there, total respect, man. >> he is very good. i think he should be on the next x-games. >> keeps him young. >> it's something you do when you young because older people don't have much fun.
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every day i want to have some kind of fun. >> he says too many people give up as they get older. >> it's good to encourage older people to get out and do stuff. i have a son that is 50 years old. i used to think 50 was pretty old. [ laughter ] stay active and stay young, right? if you want more information, go to our website, look under the news links on the left side for assignment 7. that is all for this edition. i'm kristen sze. thank you so muchus.joining us. we'll see you back here next we'll see you back here next >> rain won't dampen the excitement on game day. >> the rain is expected to get worse before it gets better. leigh glaser says stronger
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showers are yet to come. >> an inspiring message from congresswoman gabrielle giffords just before she resigns from office. join us at -dad, why e you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are the great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats

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